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Welcome to my stock gallery. I have a VERY diverse and unique selection of photos, and I add new photos frequently. Most are very high resolution and quality. All are for sale. You can find landscape, waterscape, glacierscapes, winterscapes, aurora borealis, horses, donkeys, mules, dogs, cats, bears, moose, foxes, eagles, owls, seagulls, crows, ravens, fish, bugs, and much more. Be careful exploring my gallery. You may be there all day and find yourself purchasing plane tickets to Alaska!
:star: :star: RULES :star: :star:
:bulletgreen: DO NOT re-sell, re-upload, and/or re-distribute any of my photos.
:bulletgreen: You MUST MAKE ART. Do not just change the brightness/contrast/colors/add text/smudging/blending and upload it. Actually do something with it.
:bulletgreen: You MAY NOT make stock with my stock. NO PRECUTS, PREMADES, LINEART, GREYSCALES, ETC.

You do not need to credit or send me a link, but I would appreciate it if you did!

Basically, if you're sending somebody my photos, uploading anything for others to use, or you're uploading a photo that is very close to my original, YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG.

Have questions? Check my F.A.Q. before asking! :)

:star: FAQ :star:
:bulletred: Why are your photos not free?
-I need extra money. If the price is not worth it to you, there are lots of free stock photos to choose from elsewhere.

:bulletred: Your stock USED to be free...what happened?
-Too many people were abusing it. I took it all down because I was sick of being the photo police. So when you complain about me charging for photos just remember that it is this or nothing at all. At least you have the choice.

:bulletred: Aren't stock photos supposed to be free?
-No. They are not "supposed" to be anything. In most places on the internet, quality stock is NOT free. Each stock photographer can make their own decision whether or not to charge. It's perfectly reasonable to be compensated for the work we do. If you want to paint a picture, you have to buy paint, right? It's like that.

:bulletred: Do you honestly think anybody would buy your photos? Why would you even bother when there are so many free ones around?
-I'm doing pretty well! My stock photos are unique and high quality. I don't understand why people are so offended by having to pay for them. If they aren't worth it to you, move on and stop bitching.

:bulletred: Do I have to credit you if I use your photos to make art?
-No, but you can if you want to!

:bulletred: Do I need to send you a link to the finished work?
-No, but you can if you want to!

:bulletred: Can I use your original, unaltered photos for this website/forum/roleplay/book/whatever thing I am making/helping with/doing?
-NO. You need to make art or at least change my photos in some artistic way so they are not my originals. A very basic example is cutting out the subject and placing it on a new background. Don't just add a filter/text/smudge/change contrast and call it art. Please actually do something with it.

:bulletred: I want to buy your photos to have the original printed/framed/whatever for personal use, not sharing with others or making money off it. I'm not going to make art with it, just hang it on my wall/use it as a desktop image. Is this ok?

:bulletred: Can I use your original unaltered photos for a school project?
-Yes, but cite your sources!

:bulletred: Can I sell the work I make with your photos?
-Yes, you may sell works of art, not my raw or semi-raw photos. Changing brightness and contrast does not count as art. Please actually do something with the photos. I also do not allow people to sell stock made from my photos. No premades, linearts, etc.

:bulletred: Can I use your photos in any type of art like gore/religious/anti-religious/sexual etc?
-Yep. I don't care how you use it as long as you make art.

:bulletred: If I buy a photo, do I own it?
-You do not own the rights to the photo, but yes, you have the photo in your possession. This means you can use the photo as much as you want, but you may not sell it or give it out to people, and I can still use the photo for whatever I want. Just read the agreement when you buy a photo. It explains it. If you WANT to buy the rights to a photo, please message me privately.

:bulletred: What determines the price of a photo? Why are some cheaper, and others more expensive?
-I take into account my time shooting, editing, uniqueness, what the photo will be used for (main subject vs. a small part in the art), demand, and photo quality.

:bulletred: Can you make your preview images lager and remove the watermark? I'd like to see more detail before I buy the photo to make sure it's good quality.
-No, sorry. I am too paranoid about people stealing my photos. You can be assured my photos are good quality. You can always see the resolution, file size, and camera info before you purchase it. Occasionally, I will upload a photo that is not high quality, and the price and a note in the description will reflect that.

:bulletred: Somebody asked me for one of your photos that I paid for...what should I do?
-Don't give it to them. They should pay like everybody else. If you redistribute my photos, that will take away from the revenue I get for the work I did. I do put a LOT of time and energy into taking, editing, and uploading my photos.

:bulletred: I tried to buy a photo and it didn't work or something is going wrong in the process, can you fix it?
-Please contact deviantart about the problems you are having. Often it's a bug, glitch, or issue that I can't do anything about. If the purchase button is completely missing, please let me know though. I can fix that.

:bulletred: Back when you were AlaskaStock, I used some of your photos in my art. Should I change the credits to your new account?
-You don't have to, but you can if you want.

:bulletred: I didn't read your rules before I bought your photo(s) and I wanted to make a piece of art that would go against your rules. Can I get my money back?
-No. Read rules before planning to use anybody's stock. Especially if you have to pay for it.

:bulletred: I can *reference* your photos for drawings and paintings using just the small watermarked image, meaning I don't need to buy the image to make my art from it. Is this ok?
-Yes, with some reservations. As long as you don't actually USE my image in your art, or to make your art, it's ok. This means no tracing. Tracing ≠ referencing. If my photo is a layer underneath your art, you're not referencing. It is ok to look at my photo and freehand draw from the watermarked image. If you want/need to trace or incorporate my image into your art or art process, you need to buy it.

:bulletred: Can I sell the *freehand* works of art created by *referencing* (see previous Q/A for clarification on what those two things mean) your watermarked stock that I did not buy?

:bulletred: So you're against tracing of your photos?
-Not at all! I think tracing can be very useful. You just need to buy the photo if you're going to use it so intimately to make your artwork.

:bulletred: I know you say no stock, but what if I make a premade background, pre-cut, greyscale, or lineart just for my own personal use? is this ok?
-Yes, but DO NOT upload them onto the internet. If they are for your use, use them. Do not sell them or make them stock for other people.

:bulletred: I still have some of your stock photos I downloaded from your previous account. Can I use them?
-Yes. It's only fair that you can since you got them when they were free.

:bulletred: Can I use your stock on other websites?
-Yes as long as you're posting art, and not my unaltered photos.

:bulletred: How much editing do you do to your photos before uploading? Do you re-size them?
-I usually just crop. I occasionally will mess with the exposure or saturation, but that is rare because I know you all can do that yourselves. All my photos have the original jpg, none are re-sized.

:bulletred: You upload too many photos, can you stop or slow down?
-No. You can stack your messages or un-watch me if you're feeling spammed.

:bulletred: I would like to buy a lot of your stock. Can I get a bulk discount?
-I no longer offer bulk discounts after too many time-wasters. I plan on uploading "value packs" in the future however.

:bulletred: I don't have points to buy photos and I can't/don't want to spend my money buying points. Is there still some way I can purchase your photos?
-Not at this time, no. Though, I am interested in trades for complete animal skulls.

:bulletred: How come you haven't added any photos in a long time? (Late 2016 into 2017)
-Canoeing accident, camera and my best lenses died. I have been trying to save up money for a new camera and lenses, but it's hard to save up ~$3,000-4,000 when stuff keeps going wrong in your life and you live in a super expensive town! I had saved a few hundred, but my house got burglarized before I was able to make a bank deposit, and I lost all that. I'm trying to save's just difficult. In the meantime, I'm borrowing a friend's little Nikon to get by, but I'm not eager to take it hiking and break her camera too, so not much in the way of backgrounds will be happening until I get a camera of my own again.

:bulletred: Do you live in like a zoo or something? How do you have so many animal photos? EAGLES!?!
-I'm located in Alaska. There are beasts all over the place. Lots of eagles.

:bulletred: Why is that horse so emaciated? Why is that dog losing his hair?
-My mom runs an equine rescue. She occasionally gets horses that are extremely sick or starved. If you look through my gallery, you can usually see the progress they make after they come to the rescue. The black german shepherd has genetic mange. They have tried everything, and nothing works.

:bulletred: Do you want to sell/trade those eagle feathers?
-No. Stop asking. They will never be for sale or trade ever. Never ever ever. They are too special to me, and I think it would be illegal anyway.

:bulletred: Are you even allowed to have those eagle feathers?
-Yep. I belong to a federally recognized tribe and use the feathers in my native art and cultural practices.

:bulletred: OMG did you kill those poor animals?!?! You're evil!
-I only kill for food or pest control. That's how life in Alaska is for many people. Most of the dead things died naturally or by the hands of others. Preaching will be marked as spam and blocked. I don't tell you how to live your life and I expect the same treatment.

:bulletred: Are any of those skulls/skins/whatever for sale?
-I sold most of my skull collection to pay for my move back to Auke Bay, but I sometimes have stuff for sale. I have an ebay store (farfinmosker) and an etsy store (wolfnipplechips) where I sell stuff. You can check there or message me with questions.

:bulletred: Why are you so mean/grumpy/picky all the time?
-When I was a nice, well-mannered stock provider, I got walked on all the time. Got a bit jaded with that and then my life got all messed up with other personal things. I'm a nice person, I promise, just a bit worn out. Don't be afraid to talk to me. I'm trying to treat this stock account more as a business than a free-for-all like before. I know that ruffles some feathers, but this account is here mainly to make me some extra money.

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Formerly AlaskaStock
United States
I was born and grew up in Juneau/Auke Bay, Alaska. In 2008 I went up to Fairbanks, Alaska for college. In Fall 2014, I finally made it back to Auke Bay. I pretty much follow all the stereotypes for Alaskan women. I can't get enough of the outdoors, and I'm as tough as any man. I love to hike, hunt, fish, and enjoy nature. I'm endlessly entertained and stimulated by the world around me. My curiosity and passion for adventure is insatiable.

I found my soupsnake (the big guy there), and finally I am happy. :)

Occupation: Dog Groomer at Petco
Education: B.A. in Earth Science, minor in Paleontology


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Thank you!
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Thanks very much! I love your work, especially the oil paintings- wow!! :love:
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It's dried so it should be good for decades unless its eaten by something or in a super humid place.
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Alright, my house's humidity is only at about 30 so it will probably be fine.

Did you get the package I sent?
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I did! Thank you! I'm getting ready to post a big collage of stuff I got from peeps, but I've been in Anchorage for surgery the last few days. Heading back tonight!! :D
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